How to Apply

If you are merely looking for another job, please don’t waste either of our time. I respect your time and value mine as well.

If you fit our criteria and would like to pursue this opportunity, I need more than your resume. To allow us to better know you, in addition to your resume, please send us a letter telling us a little about yourself. Make sure you include the following information in your letter.
 #1. Please tell us why this position appeals to you.
 #2. Please tell us what you feel your special qualifications, talents, experience or skills are that make YOU uniquely qualified for this position. In other words, “Why should I select YOU for a personal interview over and above all the other qualified applicants?”
 #3. In need to know you salary requirements, and your salary history.
 #4. I will need all your pertinent contact information and when is the best time to contact you.
Please send your letter and your resume via email to or fax it to us at 317-873-0401. ONLY RESUMES RECEIVED AT THIS FAX/EMAIL ADDRESS WILL BE CONSIDERED

I will personally review all letters and resumes as they come in. If you sound like the type of person we are looking for, we’ll call you for a telephone interview. If you are a finalist in the telephone interview, we’ll arrange an appointment for a personal interview.

Well, that’s it. The next move is up to you. If you have the skills and characteristics that I’ve written about, we’d love to receive a letter from you. Thanks again for visiting us and best wishes in your career search.

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